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Stanford Solar Car Team Nears Finish Line

The bisco industries sponsored, Stanford Solar Car Project team, is currently entering day 5 of the World Solar Challenge. The 2000 mile solar car race across the Australian Outback features teams from around the world seeking to test the limits of solar powered vehicles.

World Solar Challenge – A Day in the Life

Team member, Kelsey Josund has been providing updates and insights of the race since its start on October 18th.  According to Josund,

every day, we [the students] drive from 8am to 5pm, stopping only at designated 30-minute control stops. These are usually gas stations, but occasionally just parking lots, and are located every 200 to 400 kilometers along the Stuart Highway. We get out to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, and refill support vehicles and water bottles here; during this time, we are allowed to charge the car but cannot do any work on it.

This intense schedule combined with the students hard work has the Stanford team currently in 6th place with 2 ½ days remaining. For daily race results visit the official World Solar Challenge results page and stay tuned to bisco’s blog for the final results.

Investing in the Future

bisco industries serves manufactures across the electronics and solar industries through our full-service e-commerce website and team of over 300 locally-based salespeople. bisco’s integral involvement in these industries drives our commitment to supporting the growth and education of future engineers. Here’s hoping the Stanford Solar Car Project team comes out on top!

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