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bisco Expands Online Catalog by Over 2.5 Million Products

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Over the past six months bisco industries has added over 2.5 million products to its online catalog. The expansion of our online catalog provides engineers and purchasing agents with additional flexibility to find solutions for current and upcoming projects. Users can now search and filter newly added products by part number, product description, dimensions, and many other attributes.

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What is a Standoff?

Standoff Fastener Description

Standoffs are fasteners used to create space between printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies and are the standard fastener for mounting PCBs to prevent electrical shorts. Standoffs are similar to spacers but differ in that they are threaded.

Standoff Fastener Styles  

Standoffs may be cylindrical, square or hexagonal in shape and come in male, female, male-male, or male-female styles. Standoffs are fabricated from various materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and nylon. In addition, standoffs are often plated to meet application specific requirements.

Standoff Fastener Application Example

One application example for standoffs is the fastening of a motherboard (PCB) to a metal enclosure. In a typical scenario, male-female standoffs are fastened into pre-drilled metal ringed screw holes in the motherboard while the opposite end of the standoff is fastened to the enclosure wall. Mounting the motherboard in this manner prevents it from short circuiting.

Standoff Fastener Manufacturers

  • Accurate Screw Machine (ASM)
  • Amatom
  • Bivar
  • Concord Electronics
  • ITW Fastex
  • Keystone Electronics
  • Lyn-Tron
  • RAF Electronic Hardware

Configuring Standoff Fasteners

Since standoffs come in so many styles, sizes, and materials configuring the correct standoff for your application can be challenging. To aid you in configuring standoffs and other electronic hardware bisco has recently updated it’s RAF product catalog. Users can now browse and filter standoffs by style, material, diameter, length, thread size, and finish. Visit bisco’s online RAF product selector to learn more.

What is a Thumb Screw?

Thumb Screw Description

Thumb screws are threaded fasteners with textured heads that allow them to be fastened and unfastened by hand. Thumb screws are typically used on low stress applications that require easy access. For example, thumb screws are often used to secure the side panel of desktop computer enclosures.  Thumb screws are manufactured in many different lengths, diameters, thread sizes, and materials. Thumb screw materials include aluminum, brass, nylon, steel, and stainless steel.

Leading Thumb Screw Manufacturers:

  • RAF Electronic Hardware
  • Accurate Screw Machine (ASM)
  • Essentra
  • Unicorp
  • Lyn-Tron
  • Keystone Electronics

Learn More About Thumb Screws

Helpful resources for configuring thumb screws include RAF’s thumb screw catalog and Lyn-Tron’s online thumb screw configurator.  For personal assistance finding thumb screws contact bisco industries’ product support team.

Product Spotlight: RAF 1/8 Round Spacers

bisco industries now offers 1/8 inch round spacers from manufacturer, RAF Electronic Hardware. RAF 1/8 round spacers are available in lengths ranging from 3/32 inch to a 1/2 inch with clearance hole diameters of 0.064 or 0.090 inches. Available materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, and nylon. RAF also offers a variety of finishes including plain (no finish), nickel, cadmium clear chromate, and black oxide.  Although all standard materials for RAF’s 1/8 round spacers are RoHS compliant some finishes may not be RoHS compliant.

Understanding RAF Part Numbers

One-Eigth Round Spacer Config - RAF copy

RAF allows users to easily configure part numbers based on their requirements. For example, RAF part number 1100-2-AL-0 is an aluminum 1/8 round spacer with a length of 1/8 inches, a clearance hole diameter of 0.090 inches,  and a plain finish. Visit RAFs online catalog to configure 1/8 inch round spacers for your application.

Find Stock on RAF 1/8 Round Spacers

bisco industries is an authorized RAF Electronic Hardware distributor and offers stock on a wide variety of RAF spacers including 1/8 round spacers. Top stocked 1/8 round spacers include:

Visit to get pricing and availability and to place orders at the click of a button.


Manufacturer Profile: RAF Electronic Hardware

RAF is North America’s leading supplier of electronic hardware components to industries including telecommunications, medical, computer, entertainment, and military/aerospace. All RAF products are available in standard and metric dimensions and are also RoHS compliant. Most of RAF’s catalog items are stocked and available for same-day shipment. In addition RAF’s in-house plating facility enables them to provide customers with a quick turnaround even on plated parts.

RAF Products Include:

  • Captive Panel Screws
  • Spacers
  • Standoffs
  • Jack Screws
  • Precision Shoulder Screws
  • Thumb Screws
  • Printed Circuit Board Supports
  • Handles & Ferrules
  • Non-Metallic Washers

For a complete listing of RAF products and to configure products view RAF’s online catalog.

bisco – Authorized RAF Distributor

bisco industries is proud to be an authorized RAF distributor. Looking for pricing and stock information? Visit and simply search the RAF item. If pricing is not readily available our e-commerce customer service team will be happy to assist you.

What is a Captive Screw?

Captive screws are specially designed to lock into pre-drilled holes so that the screw can be fastened and unfastened without the screw being detached. One of the primary benefits of captive screws is that they provide secure fastening while reducing costs associated with lost screws or damage from foreign object debris (FOD). Captive screws are available in a variety of styles and materials to suite diverse application needs. Captive screws are frequently used in electronic enclosures, exhibits/signs, medical devices, and network cabinets.

Captive Screw Diagram

Leading Captive Screw Manufacturers

  • Southco
  • Alcoa
  • RAF
  • Essentra
  • PEM
  • PSM

Learn More About Captive Screws

To learn more about captive screws, read this helpful article from IHS Engineering 360 or contact bisco’s industries’ customer support team. Be sure to visit bisco’s blog each Wednesday to learn about other commonly used fasteners and electronic components.

RAF Electronic Hardware Recognizes bisco for Record Sales

One of bisco’s top lines – RAF Electronic Hardware – recently wrapped up their fiscal year and the numbers show a record year in sales for bisco industries. In honor of bisco’s achievement RAF presented an award to bisco recognizing its highest year yet in RAF business.

Given bisco’s reputation as an industry leading source for PCB hardware and electronic components, it’s only natural that RAF and bisco have a strong partnership and proven history of success.

RAF spacers, standoffs, and electronic hardware are used in a variety of industries, including computers, telecommunications, medical, entertainment and military/aerospace.

RAF Electronic Hardware from bisco industries

RAF’s Product Offering Includes:

  • Spacers
  • Standoffs
  • Captive Panel Screws
  • Jack Screws
  • Thumb Screws
  • Printed Circuit Board Supports
  • Handles & Ferrules
  • Non-Metallic Washers
  • CNC Precision Turned Components
  • Right Angle Contacts
  • Miniature Machining
  • Sub-Assemblies

With 48 local offices bisco has all of your RAF needs covered! Ask us about our value added services including VMI, bin stocking, kitting, same day shipments, immediate quotes and more! You can also visit out e-commerce site to place orders online or submit requests for pricing.

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