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Product Spotlight: RAF 1/8 Round Spacers

bisco industries now offers 1/8 inch round spacers from manufacturer, RAF Electronic Hardware. RAF 1/8 round spacers are available in lengths ranging from 3/32 inch to a 1/2 inch with clearance hole diameters of 0.064 or 0.090 inches. Available materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel, steel, and nylon. RAF also offers a variety of finishes including plain (no finish), nickel, cadmium clear chromate, and black oxide.  Although all standard materials for RAF’s 1/8 round spacers are RoHS compliant some finishes may not be RoHS compliant.

Understanding RAF Part Numbers

One-Eigth Round Spacer Config - RAF copy

RAF allows users to easily configure part numbers based on their requirements. For example, RAF part number 1100-2-AL-0 is an aluminum 1/8 round spacer with a length of 1/8 inches, a clearance hole diameter of 0.090 inches,  and a plain finish. Visit RAFs online catalog to configure 1/8 inch round spacers for your application.

Find Stock on RAF 1/8 Round Spacers

bisco industries is an authorized RAF Electronic Hardware distributor and offers stock on a wide variety of RAF spacers including 1/8 round spacers. Top stocked 1/8 round spacers include:

Visit to get pricing and availability and to place orders at the click of a button.


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