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How Specimen Labeling is Putting Patients and Hospitals in Danger:

There is nothing more important for getting patients treated properly than timely and accurate diagnoses. One of the major problems is that while the hospital staff is generally able to do this accurately, the correct results are not being relayed to the rest of the staff properly. The results of hospital staff acting on incorrect information can be catastrophic. One person can receive an operation or medicine that they do not need while another patient may not receive a treatment that is needed. The results can be irreversible and in some cases fatal. This is one of the biggest reasons for medical malpractice claims.

Only 7% to 18% of lab errors occur in the lab, during analysis. Some 11% to 47% occur after the test is completed, and 45% to 71% of lab errors occur before the test is even performed. A good majority of these issues can be fixed with correct labeling. This simple fix can help keep hospital patients healthy as well as save the hospital a great deal of money in malpractice cases.

Brady Corporation has a wide variety of labeling products that can be used in many different applications. One of the areas of focus for Brady is proper laboratory labeling. bisco industries is an authorized distributor for Brady. You can see their complete Brady line at

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