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Inserting the Right Solution

The Challenge of Product Design Restrictions

Imagine you’re assembling an enclosure for a cell phone. You need to bind the two pieces of the enclosure together with an extremely strong yet light weight fastener. In addition you face the challenge that the pieces can only be fastened from one side of the enclosure. Engineers working with all kinds of electronic and industrial enclosures face these types of scenarios daily. So what’s the solution to a predicament like this?

The Right Solution

The answer is helical inserts (also known as CoilThread inserts, wire thread inserts, or Heli-Coil inserts). Formed from threaded coils of durable metal wire, helical inserts offer an extremely dependable and light weight fastening solution. Helical inserts’ technical specifications also allow wide variation in size, material, and plating.  Not only that, but many CoilThread inserts meet stringent military specifications that make them ideal for aircraft and defense applications.

Determining Your Specific Requirements

Perhaps you’ve determined that you need a tangless insert with a 2-56 thread size but you’re unsure what material would best suit your application. That’s when an expert comes in handy. Having partnerships with premier insert manufacturers such as Kato, bisco industries is able to provide the expertise you need. Contact a local bisco office or email our e-commerce team to get expert advice on helical inserts.

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