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Solar Powered Plane Highlights Advances in Aircraft Design

The First Solar Powered Flight Around the World

The manned solar-powered aircraft known as Solar Impulse 2 has completed the first leg of its journey around the world. If successful, Solar Impulse 2 will be the first such aircraft to fly around the globe. Weighing about as much as a mid-size car the Solar Impulse 2 boasts a wingspan of 236 feet (72 meters). The plane uses 17,000 solar cells to collect energy and lithium-ion batteries to store unused electricity.  The solar cells and batteries send electricity to four electric motors which power the propellers of the plane.  A feat of modern engineering, the Solar Impulse 2 demonstrates not only the importance of renewable energy but also advances in aircraft design.  Now more than ever, aircrafts utilize strong light-weight material to increase performance and efficiency. This trend highlights the fact that each component of an aircraft impacts the performance of the whole.

Supply Chain Partners’ Impact on Aircraft Design

From rivets, to inserts, to electronic connectors, to cable management solutions, each component must meet the goal of maximizing aircraft performance and efficiency. However, finding the right components for your design can be challenging. That’s where a supply chain partner like bisco industries comes in. With extensive experience in the aerospace industry and a network of supply partners, bisco industries is able to locate the parts that fit your design and provide competitive pricing and ease of ordering to your procurement team. bisco industries is an AS9100/ISO9001 certified stocking distributor of BAC (Boeing), NAS, MS, and Mil-Spec components. In addition, bisco is an authorized distributor for over 150 manufactures including Avdel, ESNA, Acme Industrial, Thomas & Betts, Birtcher, and Calmark.

To find product information and to get instant pricing and availability visit bisco industries online.

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