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Helping International Clients Feel at Home

New Customized E-Commerce Websites

bisco industries is dedicated to serving the international community. To further this mission we have recently launched ten additional e-commerce websites supporting Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Each regional website provides navigation and ordering in the user’s native language. To view the website for their region users can simply select the appropriate language at the top left of any page. bisco’s goal in each region is to enhance the manufacturing community’s access to electronic components, circuit board hardware, and assembly fasteners. In addition to our e-commerce capabilities bisco offers a variety for supply chain services tailored to international clients. These services include consolidated shipments, quality inspection, long-term pricing, and one-stop shopping.

Product Information at Your FINGERTIPS offers product data, pricing, availability, and online ordering for thousands of parts from manufacturers such as Molex, Southco, Panduit, KATO, Acme Industrial, Brady, and Lyn Tron. In the coming months bisco’s e-commerce capabilities will continue to expand. Keep your eyes open for updated product information from RAF as well as a BOM upload tool.

Go to now to get pricing and availability and place orders at the click of a button.

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