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Why Drop Shipments Can Save Your Supply Chain

You just got off a conference call with your production team. Somewhere down the line there was a failure to relay a component requirement. Production is already under way and the promised delivery date to your customer is only 6 days out.  It may have been a system error or just human forgetfulness. Either way, you need parts fast!

Sound familiar?

Scenarios like this are when drop ship capabilities become a true asset in a supply partner. A drop shipment is when parts ship directly from the manufacturer to your facility without being warehoused by a distributor. Drop shipments allow you to get your parts faster while still receiving the service and reduced costs of working with a distributor. In some cases a drop shipment can also refer to having allocated stock at a distributor ship directly to a contractor or end customer. In either case drop shipments ensure that parts arrive at the destination as quickly as possible.

Leveraging Drop Shipments

One way to make drop shipments an even more effective tool is to develop strong relationships with distributor partners. When distributors are familiar with your company and its purchasing processes and quality requirements, emergency scenarios like the one above become less stressful. Distributors can then efficiently flow down your requirements and process and track your drop shipment so that you can move on to other tasks.

Find a Reliable Supply Partner in bisco industries

bisco industries is a full-service distributor of electronic components, fasteners, and hardware. We are authorized for over 150 manufacturers and have over 40 years of experience helping companies optimize their supply chains. To learn about our supply chain services visit or contact our sales team.

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