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PCB Industry Growth Below Projections but Still Strong

A 2013 report from Research and Markets forecasted that the global printed circuit board (PCB) industry would reach an estimated $93.9 billion by 2017. In addition, the report projected that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) would average 8.1% during 2012-2017. Research and Markets’ report, titled “Global Printed Circuit Board Industry 2012-2017: Trends, Profits and Forecast Analysis” also stated that the Asia Pacific region is slated to be the industry leader in growth. This growth is predicted to be driven by the increasing demand for high-end products from customers in both China and India.

Three years since the initial publication of Research and Markets’ report the PCB industry has seen numerous challenges in meeting such lofty growth projections.  A number of factors have affected PCB industry growth, including the rising cost of copper, the appreciation of Chinese currency, and the ongoing pressure to produce innovative products with more compatibility and greater performance. Despite these challenges the PCB industry grew to $59.6 billion in 2014, a 3.7% increase compared to 2013 (data from Evertiq). 2015 also promises to be a good year for the global PCB industry as the cost of raw materials drops and strong growth in the mobile device sector drives demand.

A Partner that Understands the Industry

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