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5 Features of Southco’s Squeeze Release Latch

Limited on space? Southco has added to their already enormous access hardware offering with a new squeeze-release latch. This compact latch uses thin sheet-metal panels to fit in small spaces. Installation is quick and simple. The latch body snaps into a single rectangular hole mount on the panel and mates into a single rectangular hole on the frame when the panel is closed.  Once installed, you can open and close the panel quickly and easily. Simply squeeze the protruding latch tabs to open and push the panel/latch to close.

Features and benefits of the Squeeze Release Latch:

  • Simply squeeze tabs on latch and pull to open panel, push latch/panel to snap closed
  • Space-saving design is just 14 mm (.56″) wide
  • Mounting panel thickness is 1.3 mm (.052″) maximum
  • Combined mounting panel/frame thickness is 3.2 mm (.125″) maximum
  • Corrosion-resistant black Acetal construction

Who can make use of this latch? Industry applications include:

  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • HVAC
  • Medical
  • Networking
  • Telecommunications

Learn more about the squeeze-release latch and search the entire Southco product catalog at

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