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Sci-Fi Becomes Reality with Flike: The Electric Personal Flying Bike

Personal flight machines have long been an integral part of science fiction movies. Now those machines are a reality. A Hungarian team has developed a flying bike that looks very similar to the flying machines in films.

The all-electric vehicle dubbed “Flike” is powered by lithium polymer batteries, which allows it to sustain a 30-40 minute flight.

The developer of Flike, Bay Zoltan Ltd., is a state-owned applied research institute in Hungary. It recently tested its first manned flight at Miskolc Airfield in northeast Hungary. In the test flight, Flike stayed aloft for over a minute with a take-off weight of 463lb (210kg) and landed safely.

How does it work?

The lift is generated by six rotors grouped in counter-rotating pairs on three axes, equally located around a circle. The rotation speed of individual rotors can be adjusted, and an onboard computer maintains the craft’s stability.

According to Bay Zoltan, the craft’s airborne behavior is much like a helicopter…it can hover, drift, spin, turn and dive. The team claims flying the Flike will be as easy as riding a bike.


Innovation Starts In the Supply Chain

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