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Understanding RAF Part Numbers Helps Buyers Find Stock

RAF Electronic Hardware (a division of MW Industries) is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic hardware in the world. RAF spacers, standoffs, captive panel screws, and shoulder screws can be found in everything from personal computers to industrial control systems.  With such widespread use in electronic applications chances are your project is using RAF electronic hardware or equivalents.

In many cases buyers only have the RAF part number and a short description of the item. However, understanding more about the product can help buyers locate similar and equivalent items quickly. For example, a buyer is looking for a stainless steel standoff with no finish. There is no stock on the plain finish standoff but it is in stock with a passivated finish. In this case a buyer educated on the difference between a plain finish and a passivated finish will know that the parts are functionally the same and be confident purchasing the available stock.

Understanding RAF Part Numbers

Learning about RAF products starts by understanding the part numbering system.  RAF part numbers indicate important information such as dimensions, material, and finish.  Take for example the following RAF standoff:


  • 2112 = Length “1 inch”
  • 440 = Thread “4-40”
  • SS = Material “Stainless Steel”
  • 0 = Finish “Plain”

Learn more

View RAF’s online catalog or contact authorized RAF distributor, bisco industries.

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