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Molex Announces Innovative Seal Technology for Commercial Vehicles

Molex ML-XT Sealed Connection System

Molex Incorporated recently announced the launch of their ML-XT™ Sealed Connection System, a state-of-the-art, securely sealed solution that minimizes electrical failures in grueling commercial vehicle applications while providing assembly cost savings to OEMs and harness makers. Rated IP68 and J2030 power-wash capable, the ML-XT system features a one-piece plug housing and seal design, which is permanently bonded using cutting-edge, two-shot LSR (liquid silicone rubber) molding technology. This ensures definitive and repeatable retention of the plug seal and prevents the seal from rolling during un-mating and mating to guarantee correct seal positioning. It also eliminates the risk of a lost or forgotten seal during installation and maintenance.

The ML-XT system is currently offered in 2, 4, 6 and 18 circuit options, providing design flexibility for a vast range of sensor technologies and low circuit-count applications. The proven Molex XRC™ terminals deliver current ratings up to 13.0A while the nine color-coded housings enable easy visual mating of harnesses to prevent mis-mating.

Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including: data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace and defense, medical, and lighting. bisco industries’ website is now updated with complete specs and part building info for Molex connectors. Visit our Molex microsite today!

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