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Protecting & Organizing Wire Using Cable Clamps

What is a Cable Clamp?

Cable clamps play an important role in guiding, organizing, and protecting wire and cable. As the name indicates, cable clamps utilize pressure to bundle and secure cables and wires in place. Cable clamps are first fastened to a panel, often using a snap-in fastener, screw, or adhesive. Once the clamp is secure the cable is pressed into place. Depending on the clamp configuration the cable can be inserted from the top, side, or bottom of the clamp.

Essentra Components – Top Line Cable Clamp Manufacturer

Offering over 50 cable clamp styles and configurations, Essentra Components (formerly Richco) is among the top manufacturers of cable clamps in the world.  As an authorized Essentra distributor, bisco industries offers online product information, pricing, availability, and ordering for Essentra cable clamps. Whether you’re researching design options or ready to buy visit

Search Cable Clamps by Mounting Type

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