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Connecting the Devices You Use Everyday

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a topic that’s making headlines lately and for good reason. The IoT refers to connectivity between devices allowing them to communicate with each and with users.  Devices like cameras, cars, washing machines, thermostats, and many, many more will be impacted by this trend. The interconnectedness of these devices is set to provide both data and control that was previously unknown.

Making the Internet of Things Possible

Behind the Internet of Things are antennas. Antennas are utilized to transmit and receive signals for a wide range of technologies including cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Previously unwanted or unnecessary technology, antennas, must now be considered when designing electronic devices and systems.  Molex is one of the top manufacturers of antennas in the market today, serving OEMs in the medical, telecommunications, industrial, consumer electronics, and automotive sectors.

Molex Standard Antenna Offering

2.4/5GHZ Standalone Antennas

2.4 GHZ SMD On-Ground Antennas

Cellular 6-Band Standalone Antennas

868, 915MHZ ISM Antennas

Your Source for Standard & Custom Molex Antennas

In addition to standard antennas Molex also offers customized solutions to meet your needs. bisco industries is proud to be a distributor of Molex antennas. To view Molex’s antenna specifications or to request a custom quote visit

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