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3 Core Benefits of Dock-to-Stock Programs

In any business efficiency is a key. That’s why bisco offers customizable dock-to-stock solutions that help your company run at peak efficiency. Dock-to-stock programs put you and your clients first by expediting procurement and receiving processes. This in turn speeds up turn around to end customers which translates into you getting paid faster. Read below to learn even more about how a dock-to-stock program can benefit your company.

Three Core Benefits

  1. Reduces Duplicate Work

Typically, a dock-to-stock program is based on a yearlong contract. So what does this mean for you? Set-up occurs only once instead of every time you need to re-order because your product information is already in the system.

  1. Minimizes Quality Findings

Because orders are prepared in advance, parts aren’t being produced on a whim or in a rush. Planning allows for proper engineering, set-up, and manufacturing.

  1. Reduces inventory

Not having to stock extra inventory in your warehouse saves you time and money since you need less warehouse space and fewer people managing inventory.

Contact Us Today!

Dock-to-stock programs allow you to control the processes of planning, production, and quality assurance. At bisco industries, we work closely with you to setup a program that meets your unique requirements. Call your local sales office for more details about setting up dock-to-stock solutions for your company.

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