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Contour-Ty: The Cable Management Solution for Limited Spaces

Contour-Ty cable ties from Panduit provide a low-profile solution for bundling wire, cable, and other products. The head of the cable tie features a slight bend allowing the tie to hug the contours of the bundled products. The outside teeth on the body of the cable ties also makes them ideal for use in high vibration applications. The Contour-Ty product line includes a variety of materials for indoor or outdoor use, as well as several sizes and colors. Find the Contour-Ty cable tie that’s right for your application on bisco’s newly upgraded Panduit microsite!

Panduit Contour-Ty Features & Benefits:

Key Features


Low profile head Reduces overall bundle size and avoids snags in spaces with limited access
Outside teeth Provide cable protection; ideal for high vibration applications
Smooth round edges Prevent damage to cable bundles or finished product
Fully enclosed head Provides consistent strength
Parallel-entry design Results in a lower profile on cable bundles; limits exposure to sharp edges and protects workers’ arms/hands
Curved tip and aggressive grip Easy to pick up from flat surfaces; allows faster initial threading

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