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Product Spotlight: Panduit Cable Tie Installation Tools

Choosing the right cable tie installation tool increases productivity and promotes worker safety resulting in the lowest installed cost. The GTS-E and GTH-E tools are part of the Panduit ergonomic series of hand-operated, tool-controlled tension, and cut-off cable tie installation tools. Their improved cable tie cut-off mechanism minimizes the impact of the installer’s hand by more than 40% which is the lowest in the industry!

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Manufacturer Profile: HellermannTyton

About HellermannTyton

HellermannTyton is a global manufacturer of wire and cable management and identification solutions. Since its foundation in 1969 HellermanTyton has continually invested in product development and quality systems to provide users with the most innovative and dependable products on the market. HellermannTyton’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of proprietary manufacturing processes in addition to a strategic product portfolio that boasts over 60,000 products.

HellermannTyton Products

  • Cable Ties
  • Cable Clips & Clamps
  • Cable Tie Mounts
  • Heat Shrink Tubing
  • ID Labels
  • Wire Raceway
  • Thermal Transfer Printers

To see HellermannTyton’s complete product portfolio download the HellermanTyton catalog.

HellermannTyton Product Applications

HellermannTyton cable management solutions are widely used in industries such as aerospace, solar energy, heavy equipment, industrial automation, and networking. For example HellermannTyton manufactures solar energy products such as solar ties, solar e-clips and solar identification labels. Many of HellermanTyton’s solar products are designed to meet the National Electrical Code (NEC) labeling requirements as well as to route and protect cables.  

Authorized HellermannTyton Distributor

bisco industries is your local authorized HellermanTyton distributor. To find stock and pricing by part number, visit


Manufacturer Profile: Essentra Components

Essentra Components, formerly known as Richco Inc., manufactures an extensive range of essential hardware and fasteners. Essentra has 69 manufacturing facilities around the globe with capabilities including machine molding and 3D printing prototyping. Essentra’s network of manufacturing facilities produces over 80 million parts per day and stocks over 1 billion parts. In addition to standard products, Essentra’s manufacturing and engineering capabilities allow them to offer custom solutions to solve specific customer requirements. The breadth of Essentra’s product line means that their products are used in all types of applications ranging from industrial machinery to cutting edge electronics.

Essentra’s Product Offering Includes:

bisco – Authorized Essentra Distributor

bisco industries is a franchised Essentra distributor, carrying the full line of Essentra hardware and fasteners. To learn more about Essentra products download or request an Essentra catalog. To request free samples and get pricing and availability visit now.

Protect Against Short Circuits Using Cable Ties

Short circuits are a costly problem that often result in damage to electronic systems. A short circuit occurs when an electrical current travels down the wrong path causing excessive current flow through the power source. One of the most common causes of short circuiting is damage to wire and cable as a result of vibration and shock. A simple way to prevent vibration and shock damage is to secure cabling and wires using cable ties.

Short Circuit Protection Cable Ties

Leading cable tie manufacturer, Panduit, offers a variety of solutions specifically designed to protect against short circuiting. Panduit’s Pan-Steel self-locking cable ties and MS75 metal strapping are prime examples of these solutions. These Panduit short circuit solutions provide significant cost advantage over the conventional cable cleats by reducing material costs up to 50% while increasing labor efficiency as much as 200%.

Available in a variety of sizes, Panduit Pan-Steel self-locking cable tie solutions ensure cables remain contained in the event of a short circuit occurrence, minimizing disruption and damage to the facility. This system is engineered to withstand peak currents of up to 156kA.

The Pan-Steel line is just one line in Panduit’s expansive cable tie offering including:

bisco industries: Your Authorized Source for Panduit

Bisco is a premier authorized distributor of Panduit cable ties.  Our e-commerce site has been recently been updated with complete product info for all Panduit products as well as pricing and availability info. Visit bisco’s Panduit cable tie microsite to learn more.

Contour-Ty: The Cable Management Solution for Limited Spaces

Contour-Ty cable ties from Panduit provide a low-profile solution for bundling wire, cable, and other products. The head of the cable tie features a slight bend allowing the tie to hug the contours of the bundled products. The outside teeth on the body of the cable ties also makes them ideal for use in high vibration applications. The Contour-Ty product line includes a variety of materials for indoor or outdoor use, as well as several sizes and colors. Find the Contour-Ty cable tie that’s right for your application on bisco’s newly upgraded Panduit microsite!

Panduit Contour-Ty Features & Benefits:

Key Features


Low profile head Reduces overall bundle size and avoids snags in spaces with limited access
Outside teeth Provide cable protection; ideal for high vibration applications
Smooth round edges Prevent damage to cable bundles or finished product
Fully enclosed head Provides consistent strength
Parallel-entry design Results in a lower profile on cable bundles; limits exposure to sharp edges and protects workers’ arms/hands
Curved tip and aggressive grip Easy to pick up from flat surfaces; allows faster initial threading

Panduit: A Reputation of Innovation

In over 60 years of business, Panduit has gained a reputation for innovation. Such inventions as wiring duct have provided clients with user friendly products that meet the highest quality expectations. Today, Panduit’s commitment to innovation continues with a dedicated research and development department. Panduit has a comprehensive holistic approach to research and development that focuses on creating better products from the ground up in addition to application specific products. Through collaboration with clients, academia, and industry associations Panduit works to better understand how technologies are being used and how they can be improved.  As the video below explains, Panduit is constantly working to provide the lowest overall cost of ownership to their users.

Looking for Panduit Products?

Panduit products are available directly from authorized distributor, bisco industries. bisco stocks hundreds of Panduit items including cable ties,  wiring duct, terminals, and ID solutions. Not only that but bisco offers online pricing and ordering on Panduit items, saving you time and money.  Visit to search the complete Panduit catalog.

Thomas & Betts: Leading Innovation in Electrical Products

For over 100 years, Thomas & Betts has been a leading manufacturer of electrical products and accessories. Among Thomas & Betts’ many innovative solutions are Ty-Rap cable ties and Color-Keyed terminals. Thomas & Betts’ extensive product catalog includes terminals, ferrules, compression connectors, pin and sleeve connectors, cable ties, wire conduit, and ID labels. In fact, Thomas & Betts manufactures over 70% of the products used in a typical electrical application. Thomas & Betts not only offers a diverse product family but also unparalleled quality. Thomas & Betts’ products are manufactured following Lean Six Sigma techniques and many are UL Rated.

bisco industries is your local authorized distributor for Thomas & Betts. We have hundreds of Thomas & Betts terminals and cable ties available for same day shipments from our six warehouses. In addition, we offer a variety of supply chain services so you can manage production schedules more efficiently. Simply visit to get instant online quotes and to learn more about optimizing your procurement process with bisco industries.

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