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Protect Against Short Circuits Using Cable Ties

Short circuits are a costly problem that often result in damage to electronic systems. A short circuit occurs when an electrical current travels down the wrong path causing excessive current flow through the power source. One of the most common causes of short circuiting is damage to wire and cable as a result of vibration and shock. A simple way to prevent vibration and shock damage is to secure cabling and wires using cable ties.

Short Circuit Protection Cable Ties

Leading cable tie manufacturer, Panduit, offers a variety of solutions specifically designed to protect against short circuiting. Panduit’s Pan-Steel self-locking cable ties and MS75 metal strapping are prime examples of these solutions. These Panduit short circuit solutions provide significant cost advantage over the conventional cable cleats by reducing material costs up to 50% while increasing labor efficiency as much as 200%.

Available in a variety of sizes, Panduit Pan-Steel self-locking cable tie solutions ensure cables remain contained in the event of a short circuit occurrence, minimizing disruption and damage to the facility. This system is engineered to withstand peak currents of up to 156kA.

The Pan-Steel line is just one line in Panduit’s expansive cable tie offering including:

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