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Department of Energy Announces Funding for New Manufacturing Hub

The US Department of Energy recently announced it will commit up to $70 million for a manufacturing hub focused on improving energy efficiency.  Known as a Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CEMII), the hub will “support research and development advancements that can reduce the cost of deployment for technologies such as advanced sensors, controls, platforms, and modeling for manufacturing by as much as 50 percent”.

The manufacturing hubs’ focus on smart manufacturing is intended to be an avenue for research collaboration and a driver for manufacturing job growth. The hub will be part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, an initiative of the Obama administration to help US manufacturing.

The new CEMII will be part of a series of hubs focused on different manufacturing processes. One example, America Makes, in Youngstown, OH, focuses on 3D printing. The US Department of Energy is seeking to establish 45 such institutes in the coming years.

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