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Product Spotlight: Accuride SS5322 Slides

Accuride’s SS5322 over travel corrosion-resistant slides are perfect for environments with high humidity or exposure to moisture and can handle loads up to 265 lbs (120 kg). It is a great solution for the following:

  • Food-service applications
  • Wash-down areas
  • Industrial storage of parts, equipment, tools, or supplies such as chemicals, paint, etc.
  • RVs, utility vehicles, marine storage and more

SS5322 Slide Features

Accuride SS5322 slides are over travel slides which allows the drawer to pull out completely so the user has full access to the drawer contents. In addition, SS5322 series slides are lubricated with food-safe grease making them even more ideal for food-service applications.

Another feature of the SS5322 slide series is the easy-mount brackets with locator pins to simplify disconnect. In figures 4 and 5 above you can see how the L-shaped brackets are placed over the pins and held in place by a snap ring on the front of the pin.

Your Authorized Source for Accuride SS5322 Slides

bisco industries is your authorized distributor for Accuride slides. Visit our Accuride SS5322 product page and use our filter in the left margin to select the desired length.

SS5322 slides come in even lengths 12”-24” in 2” increments and 28” and 31” [300-600, 700, 790 mm].  (Please note: inches indicated are approximate.  Please see the technical sheet for exact dimensions)

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