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Product Spotlight: HellermannTyton Helawrap Sleeving

Helawrap is innovative protective tubing that was created to provide a quick, easy solution for shielding cables, wires and hoses in industrial and data networking environments. Its unique design allows cables to branch out at any point along the cable harness and be easily removed and reapplied. Material options for Helawrap sleeving include rugged Polypropylene (PP) and flame-retardant Polyamide 6 V0 (PA6V0).

Helawrap Applications

Helawrap was designed specifically to bundle and protect cable assemblies where heavy vibration and movement are experienced. Helawrap is widely used in the electrical industry on machines, building panels, transportation equipment, electronics, and industrial automation applications. Helawrap is also ideal for sensitive data networking applications because of its easy branch outs and flexible sleeving which protect against unintentional bending of critical transmission cables.

Helawrap Accessories

Accessories for Helawrap include retaining clips and mounting plates designed specifically for the Helawrap cable cover and application tools for easily installation. HellermannTyton also offers a ⅝” Helawrap convenience pack and a 1” Helawrap convenience pack available in rugged Polypropylene material. These packs come with a shorter 10 ft. length of sleeving, instruction card and application tooling. Convenience pack works best for small projects and prototypes where bulk quantities are unrealistic.

Your Source for Helawrap Sleeving

bisco has just revamped our HellermannTyton microsite with more product data and images to make finding the parts you need easier than ever before. Search and filter HellermanTyton Helawrap on our new Helawrap cable sleeving page.

Helawrap Installation Instructions

Insert one or more cables into the insertion slot of the application tool.

Helawrap Installation - Step 1

Place the applicator tool in one end of the Helawrap cable sleeving.

Helawrap Installation - Step 2

Simply slide the applicator tool through the Helawrap sleeving.

Helawrap Installation - Step 3.jpg

For additional technical information view the Helawrap cable sleeving catalog.

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