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Product Spotlight: KATO KPH Prewinder Tools

KATO’s prewinder hand tools are designed to install tangless and tanged threaded inserts and are hand operated making them suitable for small production runs. Whether you’re using threaded inserts to repair threads or strengthen parent material prewinder tools are a must for installation.

KATO KPH prewinder tools are built from steel components making them more reliable than competitors’ tools that use plastic components. Not only that but KATO prewinder hand tools are compatible for use with threaded inserts from Heli-Coil (Helicoil), Recoil, Helical Wire, and more. KPH hand tools install inserts up to 1/2″ and all fine thread sizes above 1/2″ and M12.

KPH Prewinder Tool Styles

KPH Mandrel Prewinder Hand Tool
Threaded Mandrel Prewinder – used for insert sizes 9/16″ and larger (UNC)
KPH Captive Sleeve Prewinder Tool
Captive Sleeve Prewinder – used for insert sizes 2-56 to 1/2″ (UNC & UNF) and sizes M2 to M12 (metric)
KPH Non-Captive Sleeve Prewinder Tool
Non-Captive Sleeve Prewinder – used for insert sizes 9/16″ and larger (UNF) and sizes M14 and larger (metric)

Using the KPH Prewinder Tool

Buying KATO Prewinder Hand Tools

bisco industries is an authorized KATO distributor and carries the full line of KPH series prewinder tools. In fact, we maintain stock on over 30 prewinder tools and offer competitive turnaround time on many other KATO tools. Visit our tanged insert tools and tangless insert tools pages to search and filter KATO prewinder tools now.

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