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What is a LED Light Pipe?

Light pipes, often called LED light pipes because of their use with LEDs, are physical structures (either a transparent plastic rod or an optical fiber) that are used for transmitting light lengthwise. Integrating LED light pipes is an extremely cost effective option that helps eliminate the multiple steps associated with transporting light from one location to another. Light pipes transmit up to 80% of emitted light making them useful for a broad range of applications including security equipment, medical devices, and communications equipment.

2 Types of LED Light Pipes

1. Rigid Light Pipes  

A rigid light pipe is produced with a hard plastic material and typically comes in a vertical or right-angle structure. Rigid light pipes are capable of redirecting the LED’s light output to the desired location with minimal loss of concentration. Rigid light pipes are an ideal solution if the LED is mounted on a board immediately behind a front panel.

2. Flexible Light Pipes

Flexible light pipes are typically used in custom applications where light needs to carefully navigate through existing components. These pipes consist of flexible optical grade plastic that bends around objects while carrying light to the desired location. Flexible light pipes are also available in vertical and right angle configurations as well as rectangular and round shapes.

Resources for LED Light Pipes

Bivar and Lumex are two of the biggest brands in LED indication and manufacture both rigid and flexible light pipes and LEDs. As an authorized distributor for both Bivar and Lumex bisco offers online pricing, stock, and product expertise to configure the products that are right for your needs. To learn more about LED light pipes and configure products view these helpful resources:

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