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NAS & MS Inserts from KATO

Need Wire Thread Inserts That Meet Military & Aerospace Standards?

Look no further than KATO!

KATO offers a large variety of wire thread inserts that meet Military Standard (MS) and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) specifications. Often referred to as heli-coil (helicoil) or helical inserts, wire thread inserts are formed from coiled wire and provide a cost effective solution for increasing thread strength or repairing damaged threads. KATO manufacturers both tanged and tangless inserts available in free-running (non-locking) and locking configurations.

How to Find Mil-Spec Certified KATO Inserts

As a leading authorized KATO distributor, bisco stocks thousands of KATO inserts certified to military and aerospace standards. These MS and NAS standards include NAS1130, MS21209, NA0276M, and MA3329.

To find out if bisco offers a KATO insert that meets a required NAS or MS specification use one of the following tools:

1. Utilize bisco’s online “Similar Items” tool to find KATO items certified to the MS or NAS spec
2. Perform a full text search of the MS or NAS part number on
3. Review KATO’s comprehensive cross reference table

Visit bisco online TODAY to find stock, pricing, and place orders for KATO military and aerospace standard inserts. If you need additional assistance don’t hesitate to contact one of our local customer service specialists.

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